We are a congregation of people whose goal is to introduce others to Christ, grow in our faith and help others grow in theirs

As Far As Pittsburgh Goes

New Destiny is the only Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in the City. In being so, we're developing many partnerships with other denominations so that we may collectively achieve our God Given Goals

Our Denomination

The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was established over 120 years ago. In the past century, we've grown to over 600,000 members in the Continental United States and over 100,000 in Africa. There are currently Four Undergraduate Institutions, one law school and one seminary that operates under our umbrella. When you become a member of a CME Church, you become a member of something bigger than yourself.   

Joining New Destiny is a very easy process.

  1. Verbally express an interest in the mist of any church gathering, Sunday Worship, Bible Study, Meeting, Event in the presence of the Pastor and a few lay people and your in. 
  2. Become an e-member. This option affords membership to those who'd like to be a part of our congregation but, due to work, distance, health, gas prices, etc. can't physically make it down to the church itself.  To become an e-member please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon.